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Early childhood education

Carlee is co-founder of Appleseed Childhood Education, a nonprofit organization that provides support for new and existing educational programs that serve young people in rural Jasper County, Indiana.


Appleseed's priority project is to address the current shortage of child care seats in the county by opening a new high-quality licensed early learning center. The new center, which will be called Appletree, is slated to open in March 2023.


Visit Appleseed on Facebook to learn more about the organization and how it is raising awareness about early childhood education and how quality, affordable child care is the building block of healthy kids and families, strong communities, and thriving economies. 

In October 2020, Carlee was a guest on the Roots + Graffiti podcast to talk about early childhood education in her community. 

Women & sport

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Carlee has lived the benefits of playing sports in every phase of her life. She knows how much girls and women gain from having the chance to play, whether competitively or informally. 

Read Carlee's essay about her experience playing community sports, written to introduce the Northeast Ohio Women's Sports Alliance (NOWSA) as The Under Review's January 2021 Center Court spotlight.

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